Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what the world doesn't know by Tran Nguyen

I like this piece so much. It's so soft and delicate and it speaks to me in so many ways
I'm glad i discovered Tran Nguyen's work. Not only her technique is amazing but she has quite original ideas...

And I'm saying this because... sometimes i just get the feeling that everything has been said before, everything has been done before, everything that could possibly come into your mind - someone else has already thought about it too ... so i feel a little lost. I mean...the fact that I'm in the 'business' of being creative always makes me try to be original in what i do.
But i wonder: in these days... is there really such thing as originality? Aren't we actually the sum of what has been done before?
Isn't inspiration some sort of copying from others?
Does contemporary art or architecture or literature really bring something completely new? Do you know of such people?

I always (as others) seek inspiration and try to be up to date with everything that comes up in related fields and with such huge amount of information from all around the world just a click away i feel we're being flooded with visuals and can find a lot of nice things...but if you google a little more you come across lots of similar pieces...

There are so many trends now ... in design, fashion, photography ... and everybody is trying to be creative but in the same general manner. But who's actually the original one...the one that started the trend??

Well ... i get these thoughts sometimes... but back to where we started: The nice thing is that from time to time i come across things that are simply beautiful and this inspires me to keep on going. And it shuts me up for a while...

I don't know if that states that original beautiful creations are rare or that I'm a manic-depressive...but I'm you ever think about originality?

here's some more from Tran Nguyen

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  1. nu cred ca ideile/creatiile sunt cu atat mai interesante ( "originale" ) cu cat sunt inedite si nu au mai fost abordate de altcineva la un asa nivel; totul tine de modul cum concepi realitatea; cand sunt la dispozitie mii de mijloace de informare vei afla mereu ca esti cu un pas in urma si te mai demoralizeaza un pic dar daca vei aprecia tu ceea ce faci. si atunci in raport cu altele nu va mai conta diferenta negativa sau pozitiva.


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