Monday, February 1, 2010

everything flows: contemporary approach to spaces for learning


public school Panta Rhei, in Amstelveen (NL), Snelder architects

I really like the interior design made by I29, the space is very aloof and quiet.
The furniture is informal and dynamic.

The defining element, the Grcic chair, it urges you to think about the design and the technical process. The black and white scheme can be really rigid sometimes ... but the way they're working it - open spaces, cool design - it's the perfect balance between freedom and a sense of security.

What i like the most it's that it doesn't look like a school at all but it's a challenging space, very flexible. A place that allows space for the imagination. Just like a school it's supposed to be!

... and there are poems written all over the place!

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  1. you always stumble across the most amazing things! i LOVE this! wish it was my house! :D


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