Sunday, February 21, 2010

des films et des valises

{movies and suitcases}

It's always easier in films...they just pack their bags and leave... but it's really overwhelming for me and I know what I'm talking 'cause in the past 7 years I've moved out 8 times. And because I started getting bigger apartments I also gathered more and more stuff...and the most painful thing is having to move all of my books and architecture magazines, i couldn't lift those boxes!

And it breaks my heart thinking that i will have to decide what to take with me when I move to England and all the stuff that i will have to leave behind...But i try to look on the bright side...These pics also talk about moving on, starting a new life ...

It's not just about what you live's most of all about what's ahead, the journey and the discovery of a new place... suitcases mean adventures!

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  1. Love those vintage bags. Thanks for stopping by Apartment 34!


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