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Luis Bunuel's favourite theme - the dichotomy of elegance and depravity, Yves Saint Laurent fashion and sexual exploration of repressed desires in the 60's.

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Colour. Joy. Romanian traditional motifs


I'm growing a deep interest in traditional patterns and motifs... I guess it's 'cause of that hippie part of me that's always longing for a back to basics kind of lifestyle :) Anyway... today I found around the house a traditional Romanian tablecloth that we received as a gift (cause you only find them in gift shops nowadays, don't imagine that's what people use every day :P) and I thought I'd explore this theme.
I don't know if being far from home makes me rediscover my own national values or it's just the fact that folk patterns are in fashion right now - probably a little bit of both :P
Actually this kind of traditional Romanian blouse is quite an original design and it served as inspiration for some contemporary collections from YSL, Anna Sui, Emilio Pucci - you can see them here
And last summer if you were a really really hip person in Bucharest you would have definitely had one! :P

And I was happy to find out about this website which is not the greatest website in the world but has lots of pictures like the ones up here - there are traditional costumes from different regions (I wouldn't be able to recognize from where's each one). It's very funny to imagine a time when everybody dressed like this. Now they're only occasionally used for festivals or celebrations.

I found these pictures on this website that is very well documented (and it's in English if anyone's interested).
These costumes are hand embroidered and there are few people that still make them- especially the leather jackets and vests. There aren't many young people who wish to get trained to carry on this craft, it requires a lot of patience and great skills.
I used to love going to traditional craft fairs. I love the colours and the geometrical motifs. I would like to integrate this kind of pieces in a contemporary design. I like this kind of mix: rugs, throws, pillows in a contemporary interior... traditional embroidery in a cool outfit...I'm thinking of using these motifs in some way...I don't know how yet... but I'll let you know when I do :D

picture sources here  here here and here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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