Monday, February 15, 2010

The Dovecote Studio by Haworth Tompkins

I really really love's close to poetry in my opinion ... it has the same feel as those Neo-Gothic pavilions of the romantic English gardens.
London architects Haworth Tompkins have inserted a Corten steel artist’s studio into a ruined Victorian dovecote in Suffolk, UK.
Called The Dovecote Studio, the structure has a pitched rood and occupies the same space as the original building’s interior.

The single volume will be used by artists in residence (it can operate as a simple bedsitting room with a compact kitchen), by musicians as rehearsal or performance space (there is a large opening door to an adjoining courtyard), by staff for meetings or as a temporary exhibition space.

A skylight in the north side of the roof illuminates the plywood interior, which includes a mezzanine with a desk and corner window overlooking marshes towards the sea.
The steel was welded together to form a watertight box, constructed on-site and lifted into the brick shell by a crane.

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