Thursday, February 4, 2010

Atipico new designs


Designer statement: Crudo collection- white clay, black earth, glass. The strength of invisible fire bakes the matter while leaving its meaning raw and intact. Combinations of shapes, functions, colours, dimensions. To dress your table. To decorate your dishes. Plates, trays, containers, glasses, salad bowls. Linear games that invent a new table. A perfect design that matches with the elegance of a graceful appetite.

Designer statement: Tamburo e Reton by Antonino Sciortino - iron bends, iron straightens, iron plays the little table. An eclectic material, symbol of strength and great personality, as interpreted in a contemporary design. It hardens any environment, outside and inside the house, making it resistant to trends. Whether it’s a book, a dinner tray, a remote control or a love letter, it holds any item with the grace of an artist, by staying still, in a dance step.

I love this: natural material, basic shapes, rough look. It's just as design should be - simple and multifunctional. see more of their work here.

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