Friday, February 5, 2010

funky designs from Art. Lebedev Studio

What i like most about Art. Lebedev Studio is that their designs are conceived with irony and and sense of humour. They make objects that are practical and fun to use.

Georgius cocktail stick is by far my favorite. I love how they turn a religious symbol in a party accessory. It's depicted just like in the Bible, with it's sword piercing through anything, from fruits to canape.

Swissarmius is another fun object and a cool design to have in your kitchen, cause when in use it looks just like a Swiss army with everything you need.

Vespertilium clothes peg was created on the occasion of Halloween, but I would use it all year rounf cause they're so fun. And the thing I like the most about it it's that when you don't use it it hangs head down just like a sleeping bat! It's great how they manage to incorporate in the designs the main characteristics of the object of inspiration and be perfectly functional and practical, not sacrifice for the sake of looking alike.

And the very famous Fuck the rain umbrella, it really depicts my attitude towards wet days. I like how the designers took this last picture "from the rains point of view". :))

see more of their work here.

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