Monday, August 30, 2010

surreally extravagant - gala & dali


I love these photos of them... make me think of the crazy '20s and the wildly beautiful coasts of Spain! Their romance was most unusual... only natural for such extraordinary individuals. There's no need for words about Dali and Gala, she was the perfect muse. She had a sensitivity for art and possessed an intellectual and physical beauty that didn't inspire just Dali... she was part of the surrealist group, most of which were in love with her.
It must be great to have a bunch of artists writing about you, painting your picture...
They seem like they had fun... which is what is all about, isn't it?


  1. She seems like quite the woman, and they seem so happy together in these pictures!

  2. i love these two!!!

    i visited their home for 20+ years - it was amazing to see the room where he painted most of his work, he had a beautiful view of the ocean.

    and they slept in separate beds right next to each other, with a mirror placed so that exactly when the sun rose it would wake them up... :)

  3.'s amazing... I wanna go there someday!


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