Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nanook Of The North

I've always been fascinated by Eskimos...I still find it hard to imagine people actually live around the North Pole. When I was little I had a book about a little Eskimo boy called was time for him to kill his first seal...he was exactly my age and I remember thinking how lucky I was I didn't have to do the same!

I hate winter and cold...but I still think sometimes I would like to go some research expedition. The fascination comes from the idea of a completely different world, closer to the realm of fantasy than to your average travel wish...

I would like to meet an Eskimo

Today i came across what seems to be the first documentary ever made...Robert Flaherty's look at a vanishing way of life among the Eskimos - 1921
Aaaah...The beautiful crazy effervescent years when the developments in technology like film, photography or transport made so many dreams come true...
Although this is a documentary the images - together with the music are truly poetical...the landscape, the people... a different world

And it's all free to watch on youtube - in 8 parts. Enjoy the first one here:

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