Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 current obsessions

1. Odd self portraits

Yes... I did quite a few actually. I have a whole series in mind... I'm not self obsessed, I swear...it's just that late at night when I usually start drawing I have no other model :P

2. Serial killers

This one is an evergreen obsession of mine, reignited by a visit to Oxford where I got a new book with rare pictures... I'm a walking encyclopedia when it comes to serial killers. I still don't know if that's good or bad...

3. English country houses

I can't get enough of them... I never miss a chance to visit one...and I just got a new book about English architectural styles to keep me going :) pic source

4. Victorian dolls

This one started by looking through a book for collectors in a charity shop. I am fascinated with all the details and period clothing. I made some drawings, maybe I'll post them later... pic source

5. Circus

And by that I mean daring acts, life on the road, freak shows, burlesque costumes... the whole atmosphere... like in the 'Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus' - pic source

6. Rose incense sticks

I'd like this smell to soak into every inch of my room... pic source

7. Sunflowers

I had a bouquet in my room for a few days and I started to understand Van Gogh's series - pic source

8. Weird animals

I love to watch documentaries about rare or unusual animals... I love knowing lots of peculiar details about them :D

9. Puzzles

Me and my sister bought 5 only in the last month... and I've got a new puzzle mat too! This is what I've been doing all day today actually :D pic source

10. Baggy jeans

Yeah, well... they're just comfortable! But I hope I'm gonna get over this one pretty soon... pic source

So this is pretty much what keeps me busy all day, or the things I want to get back to all the time. I somewhat hope that posting them here is gonna have some sort of cathartic effect... Do you have any current sticky obsession, something you can't seem to get enough of?


  1. Some of those weird animals are really cute, actually. I love English Country Houses as well!

  2. Dresses from the 50's, lace curtains, vampires, cheese, cats, photoshop, cola, shoes (neverending this one), candles & books!

    Like your list as well, have a lovely Wednesday :)

  3. I love cola as well! haha...guilty pleasure

  4. Super autoportretul! N-am incercat niciodata,dar n-ar strica. :) Ma bucur ca mi-ai gasit blogul!In felul asta am dat si eu de o persoana,care la prima vedere(a blogului :D) mi se pare deosebita.

  5. This is a good list! I think I should blog something like this too. I do have a number of "obsessions" but more often than not, my head rules than my heart. :)


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