Tuesday, June 15, 2010

about things we take for granted


...like when he loved you or when you thought you had all the time in the world...

...like breathing. Yes. I am happy to breathe freely for the first time in the last two weeks...all due to a terrible flu. I think I never truly understood before what a wonderful exhilarating thing breathing is. I am indulging in this new found pleasure.

I'm not preaching anything here, I'm far from being one of those happy persons that finds joy in everything in life...I guess it's no news that we cannot really appreciate something unless we lose it for at least a while, same as we stop appreciating something that is always there. It's human nature...or maybe it's just me... I need to miss something in order to truly understand it and appreciate it...and then in a while I forget again...so in a few days when i go back to just breathing without thinking about it...what then? hope I will find some new drugs...

And then there's sunshine... While my friends back in Bucharest are complaining about terribly hot weather I am making the most of the few hours of sunshine we get here in rainy Cheshire. I was so happy today to hear my sister calling me out the window to go lay down on a blanket in the garden. Laying in the sun is great! Why are you guys complaining about!! It's just such an easy way to put a smile on your face! One thing about this country is that you never get to stop appreciating what a simple pleasure sunshine is :P

Monday, June 7, 2010

type and go

Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann is an alphabet formed of shapes buildings make against the sky when photographed from below. According to the original post on German typographic blog Slanted the alphabet was created by Rienermann while studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

“It began with the Q,” she tells Slanted. “I was in a kind of courtyard in Barcelona. I looked upward and saw houses, the blue sky and clouds. The more I looked, I saw that the houses formed a letter Q.” She then set out to find more letter forms, spending weeks only looking upwards. The more difficult letters such as Q and K were the easiest to find, she says, but admits that PhotoShop helped here and there.

I love them especially because wherever I am I like to look up and notice all the details that you normally wouldn't on a fast walk down the street.


Next is ABChairs by Roeland Otten. He has designed a collection of 26 chairs, each spelling out one letter of the alphabet.
Called ABChairs, the seats can be arranged to form words. Made out of plastic, very light and affordable the designer sees a great future for these chairs, suitable for cool interiors as well as outdoor furniture, kids rooms or libraries and schools.
I'd love some in my living room!

here's a cool lady...

* Roisin Murphy

I love her music and her style - on stage and off stage. She's so cutting edge sophisticated!
I've seen her in concert and at that time I only knew a few of her songs but the atmosphere was soooo great and everybody was dancing, I fell in love with her music! It is just like modern magic ...all those intriguing sounds and the smart lyrics! Her hairdos, her outfits, especially her sunglasses are so classy cool :D

here's a taste of the real life cool roisin murphy :P

pics source here

Sunday, June 6, 2010


is the best game ever!!! I absolutely loved it!!!

Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game from Czech independent studio Amanita Design.
The graphics are wonderful and very inspiring...I'm thinking about drawing something tomorrow... Little lovely robots :D If you like it as much as I do, you can find wallpapers available on the game's website here
The soundtrack is great, I've been listening to it for a few hours now...This little game kept me busy all afternoon. Quite difficult sometimes...but this only gives you more satisfaction in the end. You've got to try it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Vanities Girls

OK guys so you all know I have a guilty pleasure for pin-ups...so here's moooore from Vanity Fair

Since 1992, Vanity Fairs Vanities section has opened with a full-page portrait of a promising young star. In September 2006, they tweaked the format: the Vanities opener now features an up-and-coming actress in a 50s-style pinup shot. These shapely ingĂ©nues are on the cusp of fame or have just hit it big; they have names you need to know and faces you won’t have trouble remembering. Here’s a look at all the bombshells who’ve struck a playful pose in the new retro style.
-Text: Vanity fair-
-Images: Vanity fair-

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