Monday, January 24, 2011

To the sea...


Every new transition in my life is usually marked by a change of my desktop wallpaper. And this is only achieved after an extensive search for the one that perfectly matches my current state of mind...
Anyway during this two day search I came across a picture from Dungeness and it really intrigued me so I looked for more. I love these kind of quirky little places, a place where you'd like to get away from it all...well I would  :D
Dungeness is more of a scattered collection of dwellings than a village and the area is one of the largest expanses of shingle in the world. You can also find there two nuclear power stations, the world's smallest public railway and an unique ecological site.
I still haven't decided on a new wallpaper... but meanwhile I wanted to write about this place 'cause it's small and seemingly unimportant but it has some really cool stuff - just like me :D
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more pics here

Sunday, January 23, 2011

what I tell myself everyday...


Hello everybody this is the first post this year - I'm back and I'm better faster stronger than ever before :P

 I have a few New Year's resolutions which I hope I will manage to stick to, but I'm not convinced I will so I won't write anything down to tell the world. But anyway, I do hope I will write more often here and make this blog what I always wanted it to be...

Meanwhile, listen to these guys, and if you're not doing it already:
stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride!
 stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride!
  stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride!

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