Tuesday, June 15, 2010

about things we take for granted


...like when he loved you or when you thought you had all the time in the world...

...like breathing. Yes. I am happy to breathe freely for the first time in the last two weeks...all due to a terrible flu. I think I never truly understood before what a wonderful exhilarating thing breathing is. I am indulging in this new found pleasure.

I'm not preaching anything here, I'm far from being one of those happy persons that finds joy in everything in life...I guess it's no news that we cannot really appreciate something unless we lose it for at least a while, same as we stop appreciating something that is always there. It's human nature...or maybe it's just me... I need to miss something in order to truly understand it and appreciate it...and then in a while I forget again...so in a few days when i go back to just breathing without thinking about it...what then? hope I will find some new drugs...

And then there's sunshine... While my friends back in Bucharest are complaining about terribly hot weather I am making the most of the few hours of sunshine we get here in rainy Cheshire. I was so happy today to hear my sister calling me out the window to go lay down on a blanket in the garden. Laying in the sun is great! Why are you guys complaining about!! It's just such an easy way to put a smile on your face! One thing about this country is that you never get to stop appreciating what a simple pleasure sunshine is :P


  1. finally ai mai scris si despre tine

  2. nu stiam ca e cineva interesat sa auda despre mine :P

  3. the weather's been great in the uk today...shame i've been stuck in an office all day...had fun though because i'm on work placements! :)

    i know what you mean about not appreciating something or someone til u don't have them but i guess its like everything - you have to have a little faith in fate and if things are meant to happen they work out



  4. cum nu stiai? am crezut ca avem o legatura discreta care nu s0a materializat:))):))

  5. legaturi discrete cu persoane anonime?? nu intretin asa ceva :P

  6. e timp pentru toate

  7. thanks for sharing.... so true.... you have to always appreciate love when it is at your door. xoxo


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