Thursday, May 5, 2011

seaside fairytale


Here are some pictures from my holiday... this is a magical place St Michael's Mount - Marazion, Cornwall
You can feel the energy of the place, the history... it's the perfect setting for fairytales with maidens looking out the tower's window, waiting for their prince to appear on the horizon, midnight plots and defenestrations (I always liked this word :P)



  1. Beautiful indeed! Oh how I wish I could vacation to places like this. Even better, I wish I could live in that castle!

  2. Oh, yeah, it is beautiful! you know the family still lives in that castle - only the top floor was open for visitors! can you imagine having that as your home - amazing!

  3. Superb! :) Fara cuvinte...
    In octombrie imi fac o vacanta la Barcelona. Am si eu o curiozitate acuma- cat te-a costat vacanta in locul asta... minunat?


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