Friday, October 1, 2010



I always love it when two things that I really love come together - like when I found out that Lenard Cohen and Janis Joplin had an affair :D

IKEA UK recently let loose 100 cats in their Wembley store overnight  “just to see what happens”.
I would have loved to be there! Anybody who has ever owned a cat for more than 5 minutes knows how they love to investigate every little corner, to climb to the highest piece of furniture and declare autonomy on the comfiest spot in the room!

I heard about this experiment a few weeks ago and today I was looking on the IKEA website and I found this game that you can play and win IKEA furniture by guessing which piece the cats chose!

More details and delightful images with kitties nosing around in this video:

I love the slow motion with the cat landing on the glass table!! :D

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