Sunday, January 24, 2010

"To those frustrated that art cannot do more: art is a suggestion, not an order, whispers rather than commands. I am the frustrated one."

today I've been surfing my co-nationals' blogosphere and I noticed that it's a really cool trend to follow the really cool philosopher Alain de Botton on his twitter page. 36, London based, author of Essays in Love among other- he has the talent of saying really common sense words, stuff that probably all of us think at some point, but in a really smart, literate way, making references to all sort of philosophical concepts and ideas, all spiced up by a great sense of humor.

the idea that a published philosopher and lecturer uses twitter is a little bit far apart from that image of the lonely, antisocial philosopher in his ivory tower.
nowadays, the modern philosopher is to all the well-red people like a 60's god rock star in front of a crowd just dying to have a droplet of sweat wet their faces and feel enlightened.

but i must admit that even though at first i raised my eyebrow thinking at all the 15365 followers waiting to drain their thirst of witty, literate remarques - i found some of them to be really funny and smart and very true. :D
Taste some:

We're drawn to works of art infused with qualities we don't have in ourselves. History of art: story of what different peoples had missing.

On architecture: even if we lived in Venice or a Louis Kahn house, we would still often be in a bad mood.

Sensitivity to beauty, natural and man-made, seems linked to pain. The carefree and in love rarely garden

Troubling, irresistible gadgets of tomorrow: a device that informs you of when and where you have starred in the sexual fantasies of others.

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